Connect with colleagues that care about your success

Stay engaged with peer-to-peer sharing and collaboration. Members love to share their experiences through online forums, virtual fireside chats, and at in-person local and national meetings.

Get the answers you need when you need them

Crowdsource the knowledge of hundreds of highly qualified peers online 24/7 so you never have to feel alone when making decisions.

Our members are committed to helping each other succeed.

Connect your team with peers from around the country

Smile Source allows team members to connect with colleagues working in member practices to help them get the answers they need and learn from each other. 

Community over competition means everyone wins together.

Meet with members in your area

There's just something special about being able to meet face-to-face with colleagues who are experiencing similar challenges. Our local members' meetings are a chance for you to get advice, take CE courses, and connect with like-minded dentists in your area. 

Multiple events are offered every month.

Incredible education. Unbeatable savings. 

Our three-day annual meeting offers education, savings and so much fun for the entire team. At this event, our members become more than colleagues, they become friends. This can't-miss event is a hit year after year.

Come for the CE, stay for the fun.

Shared Insights

Smile Source networking events encourage collaboration, share insights, and address common challenges in the dental profession.


Online Forum

Smile Source maintains a vibrant online member community. The private setting encourages open and honest sharing within our network.

Our Network

You are not alone

Bond with other independent dentists who are passionate about maintaining a thriving private practice.

Testimonials from our members

Learning opportunities for both dentists and teams

"Smile Source is much more than a buying group. They’re here to help me succeed, and for me, the greatest benefit is the comradery.

I get to speak with some of the best dentists in the country as we help each other succeed as independent dentists focused on our patients. We’re in this together."
Dr. Dean Hutto
Aesthetic Family Dentistry
"In my region, we have four meetings a year where our local members get together, and we do something called Peer Mastermind. We select an issue to discuss and help solve problems for members. And I don't know any other group that does something like that.

I've met some of the best dentists through this organization who are willing to share best practices. We all learn from each other's mistakes, and to me, that's more valuable than anything else."
Dr. Holly Ellis
Ellis Dental
"Participating in The Exchange for the past two years has been a rejuvenating experience for our office.

It has reignited the passion among our staff , inspiring a collective commitment to making our office the best it can be. The valuable insights and connections gained during this event have contributed immensely to our continuous improvement and dedication to excellence."
Dr. Arnold Peace, DMD
Peace Dental
"The Smile Source Exchange has year after year, been one of the best CE meetings that I've attended, not just from a clinical education aspect, but the managerial and motivational speakers as well.

It is appropriate to bring your staff and assist them in their development as well as job satisfaction. "
Ted Reese, DDS, MAGD, NMD
Indianapolis Dentistry
"Through the Smile Source Facebook Group, a discussion on office overhead and practice profitability prompted me to reconsider my accountant. While he was competent, I felt the need for more comprehensive support. Connecting with a fellow Smile Source doctor led me to a new accounting firm, a decision that proved invaluable during the COVID shutdowns.

I credit my ability to navigate those challenging times to my new accountant. It all began with the shared best practices of like-minded colleagues, driven by a shared goal of ensuring the survival and success of independent dentistry."
Dr. A.J. Balaze
Dentistry By Design

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