Smile Source is the antidote to corporate dentistry.

We empower independent dentists to maintain ownership of their practices while providing the support and benefits of a large group.

With us, you can keep control, retain your revenue, and thrive in a vibrant community dedicated to elevating private practice dentistry.


Trusted by more than 1,100 private practice dentists.

Stress less and be more profitable.

You’ll enjoy access to a dedicated Member Success Specialist to help you navigate all of the benefits and assist with vendor purchases and services.

With over a billion dollars of purchasing power, Smile Source delivers deep discounts and rebates that increase profitability. 

Connect with other dentists facing the same challenges.

Enjoy professional collaboration and education opportunities, and practice troubleshooting any time you need it. Our members meet in person and virtually to offer each other support and mentorship.

Accelerate your dental practice success.

Finding the best pricing on equipment, supplies, and services shouldn't feel like a full-time job.

Smile Source is a private practice dental network that connects you to the right people, deals, and services so you can grow and scale.

Member Testimonials

Remain focused on your practice.

Many of our doctors join for the savings and stay for the people. Read how these doctors have thrived without joining a DSO.

"Thanks to Smile Source, I now have access to high-quality products at a more affordable price, enabling me to provide my patients with top-notch dentistry at a reasonable cost!

Since joining our gross revenues have grown 25% and our net income has grown by over 50%. With the efficiencies and value of being part of Smile Source, I've cut my work week back from 5 clinical days to 3 days."
Dr. John Stentz
Circle Pines Dental
"Before Smile Source, I was feeling worn out and burned out. I knew I needed something to light the fire again, provide organizational support, save money, and facilitate strategic growth. Since joining, my circle of dental friends and colleagues has expanded, providing a valuable network for discussions.

I'm certain I wouldn't have explored laser technology without this community. Attending a course taught by Dr. Osborne on sleep introduced me to the DEKA laser, and now I have two!"
Dr. Gina Meylan
Meylan Family Dental
"Before joining, I was frustrated by the realization that I wasn't receiving the same pricing advantages as a DSO on technology and supplies.

Now, as a member, I can confidently order top-notch products, knowing that I'm getting the same if not better, pricing than being part of a DSO. It's a game-changer for my practice!"
R. Gordon Henry, D.D.S
Pearly White Dentistry

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