Predictably grow your private dental practice with our support services

Engage Top Talent

We help members recruit for all practice positions. We actively educate students and graduates about the benefits of private practice dentistry.

Staff retention resources and perks

Automate Payroll and HR

Smile Source has engaged a web-based payroll solution designed to deliver unmatched payroll and HR management performance to our members. 

Increase team productivity

Save on Group Health Insurance

Improve employee recruitment and retention by offering the benefits candidates want. Our members enjoy savings on group health insurance and more.

Improve employee retention

Improve Case Acceptance

Get more patients to say "YES" to recommended care with affordable financing solutions that are easy-to-use and offer great terms.

Increase approval rates by up to 80%

Insurance Alternative

Offer an insurance alternative to your patients.
We set up, market, and manage customized, in-house dental plans for members so they can attract and retain uninsured patients.


Team Training

Help your team excel and keep them happy.
We offer training designed to help your team members excel in all areas of private practice.

Business Solutions

Access the expertise and tools your practice needs

What our members have to say

We put dentists on a fast track to accelerate prosperity and maintain their independence

"I love Smile Source's mission to protect the independent practice of dentistry. It’s wonderful to get together and talk about issues that we're having related to our practice and ways to be better.

We want all of us to be successful in our practices, so we share information. To potential new members, I’d say, it's an encouraging family and an investment in your career and practice."
Dr. Mark Donald, DMD, MAGD
Dr. Mark Donald
"My first job out of school was at a DSO. I quickly found that my values and priorities were not in line with those of my employer. When the opportunity to purchase a private practice presented itself I jumped on it, but quickly learned that practicing good dentistry and having a successful business are not automatic partners.

Joining Smile Source connected me to a supportive network of dentists, Smile Source employees, and committed vendor partners with a wealth of reliable information they were happy to share. Through their guidance, I prioritized my CE so I could keep more treatment options in house, learned to be a team leader, and developed business skills that helped me double my production in a few years.
Dr. Jason Choorapuzha
Connections Dental
"I think the greatest path to prosperity for dentists is ownership, and the reason to explore Smile Source is that we have over 1,000 dentists who are saying It isn't too good to be true.

This really does work, and if you're interested in finding ways to protect your independence, to stay on that path and not just survive, but to thrive while competing with the DSOs…if you want to enjoy your career and renew your purpose, then I recommend you check us out."
Timothy M. Bizga, DDS
Bizga Dental
"Smile Source is extremely important for competing with DSOs. We have the advantage of all our member practices being relationship-based. Our member doctors interface with others who want to stay independent and compete with the larger DSOs in their area.

New dentists will quickly learn how to make patients feel at home in an independent private practice where they will receive the care that they're looking for."
Dr. Mark Malterud DDS
Minnesota Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery
"I have grown from a $500K a year practice to just shy of $2 million a year. I have started placing implants and I get better pricing on ortho cases.

Due to being larger I have hired an associate and am a practice people are asking to work at. I have a lot of the latest technology that I have purchased through Smile Source vendors and rebates.
Dr. Christina Van Guilder
Dakota Family Dentistry

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